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The original $2500 corporate "Strategize, Publicize, Monetize" workshop, now online for small businesses.

"There's a reason that you are not in the first sentence of this story, and that Fern Reiss is."  Fortune Small Business Magazine

Be Known As The Expert

Wouldn't you like your business to be world-renowned, and to get so much media attention you could work on your own terms and your own schedule?  Wouldn't it be great if you had enough customers and enough income to be able to stop worrying about your business finances?  

Fern Reiss's books and business have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wall Street Week, Fortune Magazine, and over 100 other US publications. For over a decade, Fern taught the corporate world how to get this kind of media attention, in her $2500 one-day workshops, in her hundreds of conference and corporate keynotes, in her consulting work with corporate clients ranging from the Hilton Hotels to Aveda Cosmetics to the United Methodist Church.   

Now you can access those same tips and techniques, that work just as well for small businesses; follow the same, simple, step-by-step daily plan that those corporate attendees learned; check off the same list of clear tasks and actions, implementable in just ten minutes a day, that was available only to corporate America.  You can even pitch the same journalists, and receive the same attention as the corporate superstars.

And in these days of Coronavirus, now, more than ever, is the time to be investing in your business.

Now you can.

"Fern Reiss is a PR legend."  -- Dan Janal, PR Leads

Start with the courses...

Fern Reiss's "Strategize, Publicize, Monetize" and publishing courses are your next step.  Now, for the first time, all this content is available to the small business community, along with your path to the perfect passive income product, to monetize your intellectual property, and position you for your retirement, now or later. 

(Confused about what you need? Book a conversation to zero in on your specific publishing challenge:

3 Publishing courses - $149 each

  • Publish a Book: Find a Literary Agent
  • Publish a Book: Self Publish
  • Publish a Book: Book Publicity

3 Expertizing courses - $349 each

  • Strategize
  • Publicize
  • Monetize

"We booked Fern Reiss for a full day of Expertizing consulting for the Hilton Hotels Corporation.  By the end of the day we had dozens of superb (and easily implementable) ideas on how to get more and better media attention.  You can't get that kind of advice anywhere else.  It was a great value, and we're already exploring another engagement." Susan Drake, Spellbinders for Hilton Hotels

Can You Devote 21 Days to Expertizing?

Twenty one days. 21 modules, 21 videos, 21 case studies and quizzes, 21 application and reflection exercises. Plus all the templates and checklists you'll need. You can learn all this -- in just ten minutes a day. The corporate world is paying $2500 for one day of this Expertizing content. Now you can get it, as a series of 21-module online courses, six courses in all, at a fraction of that price.

But Don't Stop There: Join the Expertizing Publicity Forum

These courses will propel you down the right path, but to catapult yourself to a position where you're being quoted by the media, and your business is being profiled, on a daily basis, you need the Expertizing Publicity Forum.

Five months of weekly instruction with Fern on how to create those killer soundbites, and including twelve weeks of top journalists working with you to fine-tune your pitch.  The possibility of international exposure in dozens of the best-known publications in the world.  $4500 purchased separately. Our next Expertizing Publicity cohort starts in October.  Reserve your spot now at:

Or Go For Broke: The Six-Month Package.

If you have the budget to do the job properly, you want the six-month Expertizing package.  (We offer three customized six-month program paths to best help you monetize your perception as an expert, an author, and a speaker, depending on where your book and business are in the process.)  

In Month 1, after your initial intake and welcome assessment, Fern does a one-on-one by phone or online to fine-tune your personal Expertizing plan and map out your customized six-month plan. You'll meet your writing or speaking coach, who will work with you one-on-one each week to help you with your writing or speaking career, whether for you that means a book, or positioning yourself for the speaking circuit.

In Month 2, you'll start the publishing and business courses appropriate for your customized path. You'll continue with your weekly coaching call, to move your writing or speaking career forward. You'll also begin working with your Mastermind group.

In Month 3, you'll start the Expertizing Publicity Forum, learning to craft your pitch for journalists.  You'll also continue work with your writing or speaking coach, and your courses.

In Month 4, you'll continue your Expertizing Publicity Forum instruction, and begin pitching your business to journalists.  You'll continue with the courses, and with the MasterMind group.

In Month 5, you'll continue pitching to top journalists.  You'll finish up your courses, and continue with the MasterMind group. We will do a detailed publishability assessment for your book, or a deliverability assessment for your speaking, and determine your next steps.

In Month 6, you'll finish pitching to the journalist forum, and continue on with your Mastermind group.   You'll do another one-on-one with Fern to assess where you are in your customized plan, and she will brainstorm with you to determine what should happen next.


Priced now at $14,000 for the complete six-month experience. (Includes all six courses, the Expertizing publicity forum, and all the components mentioned above.)

$69,000 for an up to 8-person corporate team; inquire for details of corporate customization.

Our next six-month Expertizing cohort begins in September; reserve your space now. We limit enrollment to ensure individual attention.

This program is selective.  We reserve the right to refund in full after the initial assessment if we determine that your business is in any way not suited for Expertizing.  

Sign up here:

How Much Is This Kind of Attention Worth To Your Business?

When the timing is right, let us know if you'd like to sign up for the publishing and business courses; enroll in the Expertizing Publicity Forum; or dive into the six-month Expertizing package.   Wherever you start, moving towards being regarded as an expert will help your media profile, your book, your speaking career, and your business.    

"I urge all serious entrepreneurs and professionals to sign up for Fern Reiss's Expertizing as soon as possible for the good of their business!  Expertizing is like walking into an open mine filled with nuggets of gold there for the taking." --Clara Galvano, The New York Times

"Amazing workshop that opened my eyes to great techniques and insight that I can immediately put to use.  For a small not-for-profit, it's incredibly useful for keeping things in-house, instead of outsourcing at a much higher cost."  --Greg Spradlin, The Heifer Foundation

"This is by far the best workshop I've ever attended.  A step-by-step process to change our business and become viewed as an expert by the media.  Amazing!" --Chioma Isiadinso, CEO, Expartus MBA Admissions Consulting

"This is a workshop that sparks your creativity and encourages you to think outside the traditional boundaries in order to get your message out.  I will recommend it to my colleagues." --Larry Hollon, United Methodist Church

"Fern Reiss does for Expertizing what Home Depot did for home improvement." --Paige Arnof-Fenn, CEO, Mavens and Moguls

Fern Reiss

Fern Reiss, CEO of, is an expert in corporate mentoring and name-brand positioning. She is an honors graduate of Harvard University; the author of nine bestselling, award-winning books including The Publishing Game series ( on how to publish and promote books; the first self-published author inducted into the American Society of Journalists and Authors; and a keynote speaker for dozens of publishing, publicity and entrepreneurship conferences worldwide. Fern has been quoted, and her books and business profiled, in over 100 publications, including the New York TImes, the Wall Street Journal, and Wall Street Week. She serves on the governing boards of Pardes, and of the Harvard Alumni Association. (Try one of her programs - they're more fun!)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Expertizing Workshop. Terrific!" --Kira Jacobs, Environmental Protection Agency

So... is now the right time to move your business forward?

Still not sure?

Still not sure exactly what you need? 

Book a conversation to zero in on your specific publishing or Expertizing challenge.  ($300/hour)

Send My Free Expertizing Tips!

And please send me free Expertizing tips from time to time on how to strategize, publicize, and monetize my business. (Thanks for your interest!)